The slightly spicy and woody smell of Frankincense Oils is an irresistible treat for the senses. This magical oil holds manifold spiritual, psychological, and physical benefits. People have been using it for centuries for various purposes and reaping the benefits of this product. It is widely used to treat all sorts of ailments from cough and oral health to hemorrhoids and ulcers because of its effective analgesic properties.

Origin of Frankincense Oils

Frankincense, also widely known as olibanum, is the dried resin that is derived from the trees of the Boswellia genus, mainly the Boswellia sacra and the Boswellia Carterii. This gummy sap is dried and turned into a resin that is said to have many medicinal properties and benefits and is also used in aromatherapy. It has many applications in different medical practices. Many cultures around the world have evidence of their use in day to day remedies.


Frankincense has been traded in the Arabian Peninsula as well as in North Africa for more than 5,000 years. The Ancient Egyptians used it for various purposes, such as for perfume, as incense, and it was also an important ingredient used in the embalming process. It was also burned as incense by the Ancient Romans and Greeks for use during cremations. Many greek physicians have mentioned it in their medicinal practices in their scriptures.

Abrahamic religions also make use of its oil to help clear their living spaces of negative energy and undesired vibes as well as evil spirits.

The Frankish Crusaders were the ones who took Frankincense to Western Europe, but they are not credited to its name; the name of Frankincense is in reference to its quality, not to the Frankish Crusaders.

Most of the frankincense is produced in Oman, Yemen, India, and western Africa. It also comes from Somalia and Somaliland.

Characteristics & Uses

Frankincense has anti-inflammatory effects, which makes it useful in treating pain and swelling from various diseases. It helps to maintain gut health as well as oral health. It particularly helps to soothe gastric ulcers and reduce severe symptoms.

This organic incense oil seems to offer some other health benefits, such as helping reduce arthritis, manage the associated pain, and improve mobility in chronic patients.

Many traditional medicine practices make use of Frankincense. It is used in many aspects of Chinese medicine. It is known to help with pain relief and has antibacterial properties as well. In Persian medicine, it has been used to treat diabetes and stomach ulcers.

Frankincense Oils are produced by putting the tree resin through the process of steam distillation. These oils are becoming increasingly popular in aromatherapy. They are known to have a woody sort of scent that is also slightly sweet or fruity. Frankincense may come in the form of incense oil Canada, incense sticks, incense cones, etc. The scent of Frankincense Oils is known to help relieve stress. They are proven to have a calming and soothing effect on the senses and help in lessening anxiety as well.

Topical uses of Frankincense Oils

Other than its sweet, woody smell Frankincense oil is also used to keep skin fresh and young. Its regular use reduces wrinkles. It is also used to reduce scars, stretch marks, and age spots on the skin.

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