Our Incense stick holder box is a simple yet elegant product where you can store your incense sticks and incense cones when you aren’t using them. Our manufacturers have also engraved beautiful ivy flowers on the box, which adds to his beauty.

Our incense stick holder box is made from 100% natural products without adding any harmful and artificial chemical ingredients. It is handcrafted and made of high-quality wood.

Incense sticks and scent stick holders are mostly used during ceremonies and meditations in many countries. In some countries, they are also used in mantra chanting rituals. The scented oil diffuser is considered holy in different places. But for enjoying the calming meditation or chanting session, you will obviously need some good incense sticks and incense burners. Don’t worry; we have the best incense sticks and incense cones for you. Check our website, and you can find different styles of sticks and cones.

Our best designer bamboo incense sticks and incense cones burner holders keep your incense sticks away from moisture, especially if you live in a hot and humid place. The holder also keeps your sticks and burners clean, ensuring that you don’t have to get dust fragrance while burning them.

Our manufacturers have done a great job regarding the design of these incense sticks and holders. The ivy flower design and coffin-shaped box add to the uniqueness of the incense holder.

But you should be careful with our incense holder box, Keep it away from fire and don’t place it too close to inflammable objects.

Our coffin-shaped incense sticks and cone holder boxes are perfect for all of your needs. Go ahead and grab one for yourself.

Incense Sticks Holder Box – Cones Burner

A simple and elegant coffin box so that you can store your natural incense sticks when you’re not using them.


  • Coffin Box
  • Engraved