Our incense sticks holder is specially designed to get the most out of your incense sticks. They are available in different colors and in different variants ranging from hand-printed to regularly printed designs on wood. But, we can guarantee that the material is of excellent quality regardless of its design and color.

Our manufacturing team has worked really hard to bring out this great scent sticks holder. Our best incense sticks burners are 100% organic and we don’t use any harmful chemicals or toxic ingredients.

This incense sticks holder is 10 inches long and is perfect for 12 inches long incense sticks. You can have a look at the wide range of incense sticks that we offer, at the aroma shop.

Each and every incense holder is uniquely designed and you get to choose the perfect one for yourself. Our incense stick holder scent diffuser can be used with ash catchers making a perfect duo.

Painted assorted incense burner holder is used in many parts of the world like India, Tibet, Bhutan, China, etc during ceremonies where people gather for inspiration, relaxation, chanting, and peace of mind. The incense burners help to spread the stick’s incense and also bring an essence of pleasure in us.

Though we have tried our best to look after the safety of people, you still need to be careful while using scent sticks holder. You should always keep the burner on a level surface and away from fire. Don’t let children gather too near the incense stick.

Our incense sticks holder – painted are available at affordable prices and they are well known for their durability. We have received much positive feedback regarding our incense burners and we hope that you will also be satisfied with the product. So, go ahead and grab one for yourself.