Natural Organic FAQ

What does it mean when a product is considered natural? 

The word natural means “of existing in or produced by nature.” When we say a product is natural, we mean that the product is produced from natural sources and living organisms found in nature.

What does organic mean? 

The word organic is defined as a substance that is of animal or vegetable origin, and related to or derived from living matter. When we say something is organic, we simply mean that the product does not contain artificial chemicals, fertilizers, or pesticides.

What is living ‘green’ all about? 

The word green is derived from Middle English and Anglo-Saxon word grene, which means “grass” and “grow.” We often associate going green with nature and environmental protection. At we often use ‘green’ and Eco-friendly interchangeably.

What does it mean when a product is referred to as vegan? 

Products that are labelled as 100% vegan imply that they do not contain any animal-derived ingredients. Also, they may not have been tested on animals. Products that are free of animal testing, explicitly say so on their labels.

What do chemical and Toxin-free mean? 

The aim of natural products is to avoid the use of chemicals and toxins. This includes preservatives, artificial colouring, fragrances, BPA, etc. When a product is labelled as chemical-free it means that it is all-natural, without any chemicals.

What is environmental sustainability? 

When we talk of environmental sustainability we mean making decisions and taking steps towards a safer and healthier planet. The goal is to preserve the environment and its well-being. It’s about making responsible decisions that reduce our footprints and negative impact on the environment. It isn’t just about reducing the amount of waste we produce but concerned with developing a system that works with nature, rather than against it so that we can have a sustainable future.