Bamboo Incense Sticks Burner

This Bamboo incense sticks burner is sure to be a stunning accessory in your room. Firstly, the delightful aroma of the incense sticks to lure your sense of smell and then to add to its charm, this eye-catching modern incense holder and stick burner to warm your eyes; what’s not to love!

The Bamboo incense sticks burner is made out of bamboo wood, which makes it eco-friendly and lightweight. The color and texture allow it to perfectly fit in any room décor. The dark color fits well with a room with a classic setting. Heavy wood furniture and warm colors get along with the dark brown color of this incense stick burner. On the other hand, the simple shape can make it a flawless accessory in a contemporary setting with angular furniture and other complementary accessories. The simple design is not too loud, yet it gets notices along with the enticing smell of the incense sticks being burnt on it.

Enjoy the beautiful scent of your favorite incense sticks with this simple yet elegant Bamboo incense sticks burner. People who like to burn incense daily definitely need accessories to go with their burning material. It is really great to invest in an incense stick burner in order to enjoy the great smell without having to worry that how long does an incense stick burns. The ash will simply fall onto the burner and you can clean it later. It will also keep your surfaces clean and safe from the falling ashes that might stain any surface beneath the burning incense stick or cause a fire or any other hazard.

Ceramic, soapstone, and clay incense stick holders are very common but they are usually very expensive and heavy. If you are looking for something light and simple then this trendy incense stick burner is the one. also has a wide variety of incense burners available in different sizes, shapes, and colors. You are sure to find one that suits your needs and depicts your style. If you want to add a colorful accessory, then you can choose from the colored soapstone incense cone and stick burners with carved designs. For something plain yet elegant, there are wooden incense burners made of Bamboo and teak.

Bamboo incense sticks burner, a simple and elegant incense burner to put anywhere in the house. Easy to use.

Features of Bamboo incense sticks burner

  • Dimensions: 2 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ x 11 1/2″

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