Chakras Sahasrana Incense Sticks 11″ – 20/Pack

Chakras Sahasrana Incense Sticks unclogs the fifth primary Chakra at our heart; when it is blocked, the feeling of unworthiness, lack of compassion, and poor relationships reign over your life.

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Benefits Chakras Sahasrana Incense

  • Chakras Sahasrana Scent
  • Made Naturally
  • Nothing Artificial
  • Hand-dipped
  • Long-Lasting

Features Chakras Incense Sticks

  • 7th Chakras Sahasrana
  • 11″ Incense Sticks
  • 20 Sticks/pack
  • 100% Natural
  • Made in Canada

How to Use Chakras Incense Sticks

No-fuss and no hassle. Light the coated tip of the stick, gently blow out the flame and enjoy it. Then, simply put your stick in your chosen incense holder and always make sure the ashes fall on a fireproof surface.

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Keep sticks away from flammable objects such as paper, drapes, etc. Do not allow sticks to touch vanished, painted, and plastic surfaces.