Harmony Essential Oils 15 ML

Harmony Essential Oils is a wonderful blend of all-natural oils that can be used for a number of purposes. They can serve essential homes or offices and drive away any unpleasant odours in the atmosphere. The delightful aroma serves to add to the extravaganza of space and provides another element to display your sophisticated senses.

The sophisticated smell of Harmony Essential Oils fills a space and transforms the whole ambiance into a peaceful sanctuary. The enticing aroma is sure to calm the nerves and take away the worries and hassle of a busy day.

The highlights of these magical Harmony Essential Oils are the soft fruity and floral notes that bring about the peaceful vibes in a room. The base is essential for musk or rose flower to make it long-lasting. The oil comes in a variety of different combinations. The right consistency of various floral and herbal oils brings freshness to your space.

You can find a beautiful blend of fruity smells like peach, apple, and lemon or any other citrus blossom. They tend to be sweet and exotic in nature. Floral scents like rose, jasmine, and lily are another common combination. The rich texture of these blooms is sure to elevate the senses and mask any foul smells around. You can also find a mixture of bamboo with herbal teas or amber, sandalwood, and musk.

The longer it lurks around, the better it gets!

The assortment of all-natural essential oils allows you to pick the one that appeals to your senses the most. The oils are all-natural with no addition of any chemicals or any synthetic elements in them. You can use them without any hesitation in an electric incense oil burner or an incense oil diffuser. Browse through a variety of beautifully carved oil burners at

The oils are mixed with care and the ratio is just right to create the perfect blend to fill your room with the most delightful aroma. Enjoy an ambiance full of beautiful aroma that is composed of essentials from only natural sources. There are no artificial components or chemicals added to this amalgam.

Fill your space with the aroma of your favourite hand-dipped natural Essential Oil Harmony – 15 ML. Choose from our selection of all essential oils to bring the purest of scents to your home.

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Special Harmonious Features

Living Life Natural knows how important it is to have a blend of peace and harmony in your personal and professional lives. Therefore, we have carefully manufactured our organic Essential oils that work in special ways to attract harmony in your daily routines. The moment these Essential oils enter your mind, you will start feeling a sense of relaxation. No matter how depressed you are, you will find eternal harmony and a sense of calm whenever you have a buzz of these Essential oils.

Long-Lasting Fragrance

The natural scents diffused in the atmosphere or applied to your body keep you up and going for longer times. This is the specialty of our organic aroma that does not leave you alone without a reason. The natural smell stays there for longer intervals and keeps imparting a sense of calm and harmony throughout your tough routines.

Extensive Applications With Harmony Essential Oil

Apart from being used with a diffuser oil to be spread in your surroundings, you can use these oils in a wide range of applications. You can use these oils in skincare and body care products. Excellent results have been observed when these oils are used as a mixture with items like soaps and shampoos.

100% Pure Ingredients Of Harmony Essential Oil

We, at Living Life Natural,  continue proving non-toxic Essential oils to keep our promise of delivering purely natural products that are free from any harmful chemicals and dangerous compositions.

More Reasons to Buy

  • Beautifully packed in a capped bottle.
  • Attracts positive energies.
  • Breaks negative bonds around you.
  • Safe and easy to use.
  • Premium quality product
  • Ideal gift for your fragrance lovers

Benefits of Harmony Essential Oils

  • Harmony Scent
  • Made Naturally
  • Nothing Artificial
  • Long-Lasting

Features of Harmony Essential Oils

  • Incense Oil
  • 15 ML each
  • 100% Natural
  • Made in Canada

How to Use

To be used in oil diffusers, in the car, humidifiers, or anywhere that is Aromatherapeutic.

Important Note

Our natural essential oils bring you the purest oils from all over the world. Natural scents oils are to be used in oil diffusers, in humidifiers, in the bath, in vacuum cleaners, in the car, on paraffin wax, potpourri, or anywhere that is Aromatherapeutic.