Lotus Essential Oils 15 ML

A very unusual choice of sweet essential oils for home and office is Lotus essential oils. This essential is very popular among women especially due to its essentially subtle feminine notes. This unique extract is used as an expensive addition to many upscale perfumes.

The soft smell of Lotus blossoms is ideal to create a romantic ambiance by stimulating the happy hormones. It is used in numerous beauty products. It is very popular in the category of bath bomb essential oils as it is not very strong and overpowering. The delicate aroma is calming and creates the ideal relaxing environment in a hot tub.

The Lotus essential oils can also be employed to make bath fizzes, soaps, or other bathing products. Known as women’s essential oils, Lotus essential oils find use in making DIY lotions, massage oils, etc.

The sweet smell of this oil is beneficial for improving focus. The oil is used in oil diffusers and oil burners to create a calm atmosphere for meditation. It is very helpful during yoga practice as it is delightfully stimulating.

This beautiful scent is coupled with gatherings and celebrations during day time. It is rejuvenating and refreshes a space without overwhelming notes. It is exciting yet not too wild.

Potpourris can be refreshed by spraying Lotus essential oils on them. It can even be added to homemade cleaning products to leave the surfaces and floor smelling fresh and great. The floral scent is excellent for providing a great atmosphere for relaxing. It brings clarity of mind and generates a productive environment. It helps to lessen depression and alleviate stress. The aroma provokes tranquillity and calmness without sedating the senses. The deep texture of this invigorating scent endorses awareness of senses.

If you are looking for a variety to buy essential oils online, then has a whole list of essential oils to choose from. The oils are all-natural and do not contain any traces of artificial elements or any chemicals. They have been extracted from organic sources. They can be used without any hazard or risk of side effects. Treat your home and office with the best quality products and enjoy life to the full!

When it comes to the ingredients of our essential oils, we always say that they are made from purely organic products without adding any unfriendly chemicals. Lotus oil is carefully extracted and with the help of some natural oils, we make our super quality oils. Lotus Fragrance Oils are even used in making many expensive products. You may also want to take a look at our best quality fragrance oil diffuser which makes a perfect fit with it.

The Lotus flower is considered holy for many centuries. Lotus Essential Oils and diffuser oil have been used in many religious practices. In Buddhism, it is believed that the lotus symbolizes purity of body, speech, and mind and it is said that Gautam Buddha’s steps made lotus flowers appear everywhere he stepped. That’s why lotus forms an integral part of many rituals.

The sweet smell of lotus is good for improving focus and thus it is used in creating an atmosphere for meditation. The oil is also used in yoga practice sessions because of its calming properties. But, where can you buy fragrance oils? Don’t worry, living life naturally has brought you the opportunity to buy online fragrance oils and scent diffusers at the best rates which you may find in Canada.

Treat your surroundings with the best quality Lotus Essential Oils and enjoy life to the fullest. Try them out yourself to unleash their true essence.

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Benefits Lotus essential oils

  • Lotus Scent
  • Made Naturally
  • Nothing Artificial
  • Long-Lasting

Features Lotus essential oils

  • Incense Oil
  • 15 ML each
  • 100% Natural
  • Made in Canada

How to Use Lotus essential oils

To be used in oil diffusers, in the car, humidifiers, or anywhere that is Aromatherapeutic.

Important Note

Our natural essential oils bring you the purest oils from all over the world. Natural scents oils are to be used in oil diffusers, in humidifiers, in the bath, in vacuum cleaners, in the car, on paraffin wax, potpourri, or anywhere that is Aromatherapeutic.